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Ancient Indian Interiors

Fascinating, beautiful and classy are some terms that are frequentlyassociatedwith the Interiors and Decor of an Indian home. India,known for its rich history and diversified art and culture, this divergent culture is reflected in every Indian home. The interior design and décor of Indian homes showcase distinct character which makes an Indian home unique.

Interior designing is an art that requires creativity, artistry and among all, an in-depth knowledge of the subject and theme. Considering the contemporary lifestyle, many people have adapted to new upcoming interior design trends and styles by taking inspiration from our rich traditional designs and architecture.

Here are someremarkablecharacteristics of Indian interiors that bringravishing effect to Indian homes.

Interior Décor

In any typical Indian homedecor, there is predominant existence of elements such as traditional statues and idols, wall hangings, bells, rugs etc. Other home décor objects which are most commonly found in Indian homes include oil lamps, mirrors, and articles of bronze or copper or brass.They appear as the centrepieces of a typical Indian living room.

Art and Paintings 

Intricate paintings like RajasthaniMadhubani of Bihar depicting life events of Lord Krishna andpaintings of Tanjore displays the variety and details of Indian artistry,such artworkis used to enhance the beauty of Indian home interiors. Similarly,the statues made from metals and terracotta depicting animals like elephants, deer, horses and camels also forms the part of the decor in Indian homes.A wall of the living room fully decorated with Indian paintings and artworkbrings a rich effect and adds immense style to home decor.

Astounding Colour Palette

Interiors of Indian homes are knownfor the use of vibrant colour palette. The use of differentvibrant colours evokes a strong sense of richness and buoyancy.In any Indian home, the use of earthy colours such as brown, tan, ochre yellow and umber can be commonly seen on exterior walls.

Hand Woven Fabrics

India is hometosome of the most elaborate fabrics designing and work. Work ofblock printingweaves, andembroidery with intricate designs and patterns is very commonly seen on cushion covers, bed linens and many other objects of home décor. Fabrics like cotton, linen, khadi and jute are commonly used to decorate arms of chairs, sofas,and centre and side tables.


Furniture crafted from solid wood of teak, shesham, saal and mahogany add another element to Indian home interiors. Carvings, meticulous inlays work and curved edges are the feature that makes Indian furniture unique. Taking inspirations from ancient Indian history and architecture, wood is carved into elegant pieces.Beautifully designed wooden chests, centre& side tables, chairs, jharokhas, etc. are some of the types of furniture widely seen in Indian homes.


Flooring plays animportantpart in Indian interior design. Being a tropical country, temperatures in India stay on the higher side. Hence, the flooring is designed with the idea to keep the place cool. The most commonly used floorings in Indian homes are that of marble, granite and tiles. All these floorings are easy to maintain and give a neat and clean finish to the interiors.

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