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4 super easy summer decoration ideas for your Home

Summers are here in full swing and brings the opportunity to decorate your home according to the season. Summer decorating is so much fun — it’s a great excuse to update your home décor. The key to a summer makeover is light colored fabrics, bright colors and even a hint of beach-inspired decor. Here are 5 of our preferred ideas for making the most of your summer this summer season.

Colorful outdoors
we love summer outdoor entertaining, especially when the party moves outside of the home. Choose a calm outdoor seating set that heartens fun conversations. Bright outdoor pillows and throws for chilly summer nights are an absolute must. This lovely outdoor decoration will lighten up your summer season.

Change to Summer Duvet Cover.
A new duvet cover can makeover your bedroom instantaneously. Look for light fabrics like linen and cotton for comfortable bedding even when the weather heats up exponentially. Beach inspired colors like light blue and aqua are perfect for decorating your bed this summer season.

Don’t underestimate the power of a rug
we love indoor/outdoor rugs for bringing color and pattern outdoor. Search for rugs with lots of summer color like light blue or magenta, as they are the best focal point for your outdoor decorating plan. Your outdoor seating and cushions may be kind of neutral, so you can turn creative when choosing your rug, pillows, and accessories, etc.

Lighten up your bathroom with new summer inspired shower curtains
Replacing your shower curtain seasonally is such an easy and economical way to update your bathroom space. Properly cleaned, dried, and stored, you can rotate shower curtains in and out every season to get a fresh feel every time. You can get extra creative by having one set of seasonal towels to match with your new shower curtain.

We are sure that these decoration tips will come in handy this summer season when you try them out. If you want to step interior decoration of your home up a notch, then contact interior designers in Noida to liven up your home this summer season.


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