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HomeDesignWhat you really should be aware of before you renovate your home?

What you really should be aware of before you renovate your home?

Do you wish rooms in your home functioned better or were larger, more updated? That’s how it all starts. Little ideas turn into dreams, dreams give way to research and inspiration. Next, you find yourself looking at Best Home Interior Designer in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad and contractor’s websites, and establishing a lifelike budget. So, here’s what you (really) need to know before you renovate

Designers Play Well with Others

The process can be daunting but working with the right team can help get you through it, correctly. Sure, I’d like to say it’s all about the design but it really is a team effort between your designer, the contractor and the pros needed, depending on the scope of your project and challenges.

All Your Questions Demand some Answers

The right designer will heed to your ideas, simplify the vision, decide the scope of work with you, draw up a plan and recommend contractors perfect for the job. Or, maybe you’ve hired a contractor (after interviewing several and getting quotes) and they may recommend a designer. Either way, you’re going to have a lot of questions and together the team will help you set realistic goals to move forward.

After You Get It in Writing Make a Plan

Once you get a signed contract in writing, it’s time to get a plan made. Your designer’s firm will produce detailed, computer-aided design (CAD) drawings for the trades to follow. It’s an added expenditure, but an important step to getting the details absolutely correct.

What else can you do to get ready?

1) Dream. Look at Houzz, Pinterest, designer’s and contractor’s bathroom and kitchen company’s websites and get enthused.

2) Design. Book a consultation with a designer who will help construe what you want, and create CAD drawings that you can take to a contractor/builder.

3) Details. Have an idea for finishes and fixtures so your team can get a true estimate of costs, and plan the plumbing, lighting and electrical aspects of your project.

4) Due Diligence. Interview contractors, educate yourself on the process so you too are aware of your responsibilities throughout the renovation. Be available during the process to answer any concerns or questions or to make a quick decision.

5) De-clutter. Plan where everything will go during the renovation process. It will get messy so protect your property.

If you keep these points in mind before you renovate and work closely with Best Home Interior Designer in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad things will move smoothly and you will have an all new renovated home in no time.


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