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HomeDesignUse simple looking wall mirrors aesthetically to embelish the beauty of your sweet home!

Use simple looking wall mirrors aesthetically to embelish the beauty of your sweet home!

Are you planning to get a new mirror for your living room? Are you in a dilemma regarding the type of mirror you should select? Generally, when we go to purchase a mirror for our beautiful home we always prefer to get along with the latest trend. The interiors play a huge role while purchasing a mirror. Personally, I would like to say that wall mirrors are the best. From the aspect of home decor, it can be said that mirrors are the magical design tools. They can brighten up a dark room and even make your tiny space appear bigger than its original size. But, you need to keep in mind that you just cannot hang a mirror anywhere you like.


In this post, I am going to discuss some rules with you that will help you in decorating your home with wall mirrors. I believe in the energy of Feng Shui, and hence some of the points which I am going to discuss below will also be related to the art of Feng Shui. After good taste and common sense, alignment and space are the two most important factors that you need to take care of.


What are the things you should avoid while decorating your home with wall mirrors?


Avoid hanging a mirror in your bedroom


We all know that mirrors can make a space appears bigger as well as add shine to a bland room. Wall mirrors can actually become the obstacle in your path of having a restorative sleep. According to the exports of Feng Shui, mirrors are actually considered as ‘activators’ and, hence not optimal for the restroom.


Don’t hang a wall mirror too high or above the mantelpiece


If wall mirrors are hanged too high, they can reflect the ceiling fans. Rather, use a wall painting above the fireplace and hangs the mirror on some other wall.


Avoid placing a wall mirror just opposite to your front door


The ancient Chinese philosophy claims that when a person hangs a mirror just opposite to the front door, it simply pushes money and opportunities out of the door. It means that it will bring bad luck and poverty to your family. And, you will have to work harder in order to maintain a decent living.


If you are trying to sell your home, a mirror if hanged across from the front road can symbolically push away potential buyers of the property.


What things you should focus upon when decorating your walls with beautiful artistic mirrors?


Let the mirror appears as the window


If you are planning to illuminate the dark hallways or your dull living area, then wall mirrors are the best. They can be set up in a way to reflect light. It is advisable to please a wall mirror on the wall that is perpendicular to the window of the room or just opposite to it.


Wall mirrors actually make a statement and produce space illusion


When it comes to the focal point of your room, quite often we actually think about huge paintings, mantelpiece or something extraordinary that catch the attraction of the passers-by. But very few people have the idea that wall mirrors can actually make a wonderful statement within unlimited space. Huge mirrors with decorative frames accompanied by metallic finishing can actually attract the attention of the people. Placing them in the right place in the room will create a perfect style statement. You can also add a light for a more exuberant look.


Moreover, if your apartment is small, then incorporating wall mirrors can actually create the illusion of space. As we all know that mirrors help in making spaces appear bigger and so hanging wall mirrors in your small residential apartment can actually reflect your open room space.


You can use identical wall mirrors one after the other in a row to make the dark corridor looks less cramped or broaden the narrow hallway of your apartment.


Wall mirrors bring a flow of positive energy and the best way to hide small imperfections


Mirrors are known for being a handy element in the Feng Shui arrangements. I do not have much idea about Feng Shui, but as much as I know that mirrors actually represent water and hence, help in accentuating the purpose of your room. Feng Shui says, hanging wall mirror in the entryway of your home can make your guest feel heartily welcome. Again, hanging a wall mirror over the fireplace can moderate the fire element of the hearth.


The undesirable patch of spackle or the hole in the living room wall can be concealed with attractive wall mirrors. Generally, these kinds of imperfections are usually covered with colorful paintings and photographs, but wall mirrors are the best options.


Mirrors for showcasing an outstanding view


According to the Feng Shui, it is believed that pretty views bring good fortune to the home and the fortune can be magnified with the use of a mirror placed just opposite to it. You can create a wonderful view by positioning your mirror accurately to reflect the view of mountains, lakes, rose bushes or row of trees in the yard.


Offering a wide range of benefits, mirrors can be set as one of the wonderful additions to your home. A plethora of styles and shapes are available that allow you to express your individual taste and style.


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