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Top Designs of Bed For The Bedroom

The Bedroom” or “The Room with a Bed”, a room that is synonym with an article of furniture that is its centerpiece, “The Bed”. While the key attributes that each and every homeowner seeks from this article of furniture is that it should be generously comfortable, Furbish Designer – the best interior designer in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad has itemised all the different types of beds available in the market that are not only smartly designs to create an aesthetic appeal but also provide supreme comfort.

The Utilitarian – Storage Bed

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Bed with Storage space is the most utilitarian kind of bed design which is mostly preferred by those living in small homes, apartments or living spaces. The storage bed comes with ample space underneath the mattress to address the limited storage requirements and can be particularly useful in adding storage space. The storage drawers can be pulled or lifted either from the side or from the bottom. With the modernization, beds with hydraulic storage have been developed where the storage space can be accessed with remote control.

“The Round Bed” – Circular bed

This bed is for those who have spacious rooms for the bed and for the bohemians. The circle or round is the new square so far as the shape of the bed is concerned. The circular bed offers enormous styling options and creative decor with it.

“The Royal” – Canopy bed

The Canopy Bed one is for those seeking to create a royal, and romantic decor for the bedroom with an embellish bed. The Canopy Bed features four posts that are draped with curtains, usually made from lace.  Furbish Designer – the top interior designer in Delhi NCR recommend carved wooden posts with white lace and white satin linen for an old-world luxurious look for the bedroom.

“The Poster Bed” – Four Post Bed

The four-poster bed design is a traditional bed design with four vertical posters or columns attached to horizontal rails, which are used for pulling curtains or mosquito nets. In more modern usage, four posters beds are designed with inspired styling ideas to create contemporary, stylish and trendy beds.

“The Sofa Bed”

The Sofa Bed or Sofa cum bed is a design of the bed which is for the living rooms than can be transformed into a guest bedroom when the need arises. There are various designs available for the sofa bed which you will find at the leading furniture stores. The Sofa Bed provides that functionality when you have guests arriving unexpectedly, pull out the sofa to turn it into a comfy bed.

For more great designs of bed and bedroom inspirations, visit Furbish Designer. We are renowned for our comprehensive customized range of solutions for contemporary as well as traditional interior designs, Furbish Designer has made a name for itself among the top interior design companies of the Delhi NCR. Get in touch with Furbish Designer – Best Home Interior Designer in Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad For Free Consultation.


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