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Top 5 Restaurant Design Ideas That Can Add A Spark On A Budget!

Today, restaurants around the world have realized a simple fact the people love to sit at a place and eat, where there is a happy vibe. You have to come with some concept or a way to create an environment that your customers will love. To achieve this, you might have to do some research or even spend time at local cafes or restaurants. We in this blog have come up with 5 design cues that can really create magic.

Big glass windows

If you guys remember the café Central Perk from the popular show Friends, you will realize the real beauty of that café where the large glass windows. You just can’t substitute natural light. Moreover, the windows give even a small restaurant a roomy feel.


Designer shelves

Any focus wall is incomplete without shelves. More importantly, the shelves should be embellished with sculptures, artifacts, related products and more. The shelves can really amp up the look and feel of any restraint. You can or consult a creative restaurant interior designer for more ideas and recommendations.


Feature low maintenance plants


Any restaurant livens up with the additions of indoor plants. But owners try to introduce expensive plants in order to make a statement. But, it is best to introduce low-cost plants that are easy to maintain. Here is a list of plants you can consider:

  1. Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)
  2. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)
  3. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, or Snake Plant (Sansevieria)
  4. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum)
  5. Aloe (Aloe vera)
  6. Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra)
  7. Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanders)
  8. Pothos (Epipremnum)
  9. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)
  10. Jade

More importantly, these plants are natural purifiers of indoor air. These can really give a fresh feel vibe to the restaurant.

Introduce art that captivates

Art and food go hand in hand. It is imperative to add art to your restaurant walls. You have to conceptualize and think ahead. Dive into creativity a bit and choose art that harmonizes with your restaurant theme. The painting should be introduced to the focus wall, whichever it may be. or you can consult Best Restaurant Interior Designer in Delhi NCR for ideas and plan the whole space.


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