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Top 5 Accessories To Give Your Home A Monsoon Makeover

Monsoon in India is a sacred power that gives life and bounties to people. It is imperative that you too should celebrate the coming of the monsoon this year. This is that time of the year, where you can re-accessorize and brighten up various living spaces to give your home liveliness.

In this blog, we will discuss top 5 accessories that can really give your home a monsoon makeover.

Colorful cushions

It will be a waste of time money and efforts if you are looking to reupholster your sofa. It is indeed better to brighten up your sofa with colorful cushions. You can find incredible designs, patterns, and variety of cushion covers at an amazing price online. You can always look for ideas on Pinterest. They have a great collection of images and hopefully, you will find something of your taste.

Liven up the Kitchen

We, women, spend most of the time in the Kitchen. Thus it becomes imperative to mark the arrival of the monsoon in the most unconventional ways. Sometime back, I saw one of my acquaintances growing hydroponics near her kitchen window. This just looks amazing and you can beautify it further by introducing various colorful pots in different shapes.

Dining area blues

The dining area has always been a difficult part of the home to accessorize. The monsoon season though makes it simple to decorate your dining table. The arrival of the rains brings in a lot of moisture. It is best to use cloth on your dining table. You can introduce, plain colored cloth with floral mats and keep real fruits on the table in a unique bowl.

Heavy Curtains need to go

During the monsoon, you will experience fade natural lights and if you have heavy curtains that obstruct lights, then it will darken the whole house down. It is best to bring in light colored curtains that will brighten up the mood as well as increase penetration of light in your living and bedroom.

Shoe rack and doormats are a must

Monsoon does bring in a big problem. Every time you step out you bring in mud and water with your shoes. But if you are creative enough, you can use this to your advantage. Just shift your shoe rack near the entrance and embellish your entrance floor with a fancy doormat. Though this accessory looks unimportant, everyone that walks up to your home first notices your doormat. You should be willing to spend some cash in order to find the best doormats that solve the issue of wet shoes and look trendy enough.

So, these were some of the accessories that we thought would liven up your house this monsoon season. You can also discuss any of your ideas with one of the best residential interior designing services provider in Delhi. Till next time, it’s a happy monsoon from us!!


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