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Tips to protect your interiors during HOLI

HOLI – The first and one of the most prominent festivals of the year is just around the corner. It is the festival of colors and the festival of joy. Festival of Holi brings a burst of bright colors, celebrating the beginning of the new season. The bright colors signify the positivity that can really boost the ambiance of your home. As the festival of Holi is right there on your doorstep, one important question is in every homemaker’s mind -How are we going to protect our home from getting smirched in the vibrant hues of Holi? Everyone loves playing Holi especially children but after that getting rid of colors is always a difficult task. Here are some tips by Furbish Designer – Best interior designer in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad, for you by which you can enjoy Holi without messing your interiors and home decor.


Here are some smart tricks and techniques that you can follow to keep your home décor and interiors clean this Holi season:

Furniture, Fixtures and other furnishings:

One of the best and easiest trick to prevent your furniture and fixtures from colors is to cover all furniture like sofa, bed with old bed sheets or plastic sheets or newspapers. You can clean stains of colors from your wooden furniture easily with varnish. If your dining table or kitchen cabinets get stained with colors then just take some hydrogen peroxide or acetone to remove the spots of colors.

Walls are most affected by Holi colors and removing those color stains from walls is also the most difficult task, it is always better to take prior precautions to protect the walls. Interior walls can be coated with anti-stain varnish if your wall is painted with oil or luster paints, this would help in protecting the walls from the colored marks. Another important and easy trick to protect your interior walls is pushing all the furniture against the interior walls so that there is no scope of accidentally staining or touching the walls.

Floors and bathroom tiles:
For removing the stains from the floor and bathroom tiles trick is very simple and easy. You can make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the stained area, keep it applied for some time and brush it off.

Doors are the first things that get in contact with colors. You can protect them by applying some turpentine oil on the door knobs, it will protect the doorknobs from the patch of colors. You can also use mustard oil instead of turpentine oil which will give the same result.

Bathroom fittings:
After enjoying the festivities of Holi, the next thing that you will do is taking a bath. The easy, simple and an effective way to protect your bathroom fixtures is by applying petroleum jelly on the fixtures. You can also use liquid detergents to remove the stains.


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