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Make Your Fifth Wall Beautiful with False Ceiling

A ceiling under the original concrete ceiling is known as False Ceiling. The idea of installing afalse ceiling was considered synonymous with office/commercial interiors in the past. The false ceiling is used for hiding the mesh of electrical fittings.

Nowadays, false ceilings are gaining popularity with the urban middle class as apartment’s living room interior. But many of the least understood and underutilized its advantages as a part of home décor.

Here are some advantages of installing false ceiling:

  1. Easy Installation: Installation of the false ceiling is very simple, with the right type of equipment, tools,and assistance anyone can do it by himself. But, it is always advisable to get it installed by professionals or experts so that it should be done flawlessly.
  2. Clutter free wiring: One more advantage of the false ceiling is, it helps in uncluttering our homes, offices by disguising electrical wirings, pipes, ductwork etc. in between the original ceiling and false ceiling giving a neat, clean and clutter free look to the ceiling.
  3. Control Room Temperature: Another advantage of the false ceiling is control room temperature. Thermal insulation properties of false ceiling help in reducing unnecessary heat and thus makes the room
  4. Reduction in Power Cost: Because of the thermal insulation properties of the false ceiling, it is an efficient and excellent way of power saving. Thermal insulation of false ceiling helps in reducing heat during summers season and cold during the winter season which results in lower power consumption hence reducing the electricity bill.
  5. Reduce Noise Pollution: False ceiling plays an important role in reducing noise pollution and gives a quiet and peaceful environment to work.
  6. Transforming Rooms: False ceiling transforms an ordinary looking room into beautiful and extraordinary. False ceiling offers a glamorous look to the ordinary looking ceiling.

Today, in the times of decreasing spaces, false ceiling is the best way to play around with design and aesthetics of a room and make it look attractive. Theyuse asignificantly less space of otherwise available usable space. The falseceilingscan be used formaking different designs and shapes along the original ceiling, and along with the corners of walls. They can be used to create different lighting effects by using LED lights of various designs and colors.


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