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Lighting Patterns to illuminate your Home

The style of lighting in a room changes its ambiance just as it does with the size of a room. If you are designing your new home or renovating the existing one then it is important to understand the layered lighting plans, types of lighting and various types of light fixtures available in the market and how each of them helps you in setting up a different mood for your rooms. Once you start searching for light fixtures, you willfind out theendless designs are available in the market or on online stores.Hence it is advisable to try to narrow down your search by these common types of lighting fixtures.

Chandelier – A chandelier is a most common lighting fixture with different hanging light branches for several light bulbs or candles. Chandeliers are amazing ambient light fixturemostly used in the living room or dining room, but they can also be used in other rooms too. Try using Chandeliers in the foyer or the bathroom for a touch of glamour.


Sconces and Uplights – These lights are both functional and decorative at the same time; sconces lights are usually affixed to the wall. Sconces are an excellent choice for lighting bathrooms and hallways. Uplights shine light upwards towards the ceiling. Uplights are often used as accent lighting.


Pendants – Pendant light fixtures are similar to the chandeliers. These are single light fixture suspended from the ceiling with the help of a chain, metal rod or cord. Pendants light fixtures can used above a kitchen island or a side table of sitting room.


Flush Mount – Flush Mounts are a dome shaped light mounted flush with the ceiling to provide light for a whole room. Flush Mount lighting fixtures can be mounted in any room; house owners often opt to use flush mount light fixtures for kids and guest bedrooms.

Flush Mount

Semi Flush Mount – Semi flush mount fixtures are cousin of flush mounts, semi flush mount fixture provide a wide area of ambient lighting. Semi flush mount fixtures include decorative components that extend just below the level of ceiling.



Track Lighting – Track lighting is a combination of multiple bulbs on a single bar that are positioned to provide lighting exactly where it is needed.


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