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Importance of Balance in Interior Designing

Visual balance can be understood as a perception of equilibrium which places the sense of visual proportions in an aesthetic manner. The visual balance in interiors provides a feeling of stillness and completion. Have you ever observed that why some interior do spaces strike you with an instant calmness and positivity while others give the sense of chaos, anxiety, and discomfort? Well, the answer simply lies in finding the perfect balance.  But what is balance?


If you understand the principles of applying balance and therefore creating a perfect equilibrium, planning out your interiors becomes very easy. Balance is the very basis of making interiors look visually stable and stunning by simply placing the furniture and other accessories along with the color of walls. Without a perfect equilibrium, even the most luxurious interiors will end up as a space that feels and looks awkward and uncomfortable to be in.


Just configuring or arranging or rearranging a space to reach its equilibrium is no easy task! It is very common, to begin with, the shifting of furniture around with no actual plan or layout that works best and often without success. This is expected to happen the most when one lacks the understanding of how to properly create balance and equilibrium in space. So, how can we create thoroughly balanced interiors? It starts with paying attention to how shapes, size, and weight come together to create an equilibrium.


Why it is important to create a Balance? Balance in space allows eyes to scan the room and repeatedly refocusing. It produces a sense of calmness and relation to the surroundings. An unbalanced interior space gives a sense of confusion, perplexity and makes the eyes and mind feel awkward. In the absence of visual balance, the entire design might not be visible and viewers might not be visually drawn to areas with less or negligible visual weight. Visual balancing is essential to make sure that all areas of the design space are given significance.


Perfect visual balance results from visual weight and visual directions. Visual weight can be understood as the measure of how many subjects in an interiors pace draws the viewer’s eye. On the other hand, the visual direction can be explained as the perceived directions of visual balance. Some of the factors that influence visual weight are; size and shapes of the objects. The density of objects in an interior space also has a significant effect on visual weight.


As an essential principle in interior designing, Balance is an element that brings equilibrium to any design space. Creating the perfect balance is key for offering a distinguished look by giving a visually satisfying feel. Visual balance is a fundamental interior design principle to bring stability and making interior spaces aesthetically pleasing. Furbish Designer, the best interior designer in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad has expertise in designing and creating the spaces for homes, offices, cafes, restaurants and retail stores with perfect visual balance.


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