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How to create Social Media Worthy Café Interiors

With its vibrant, future-friendly and fast paced lifestyle, Delhi NCR has become a favourite among the millennials; apparently, more than 60% of Delhi NCR’sdemography consists of people below 40 years of age. And any person who has ever interacted with the millennials will tell you that they are great for free word of mouth publicity, i.e., when they like something, they have to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms!

So, how does this canconvert into good business for an ordinary cafe you ask? Well, there is a lot at risk for cafes that are not only looking for fundamental marketing techniques for promoting their business but also looking for third person endorsements to ensure future customers. If you are in the food and beverages industry, here is how Furbish Designer, the best café interior designer in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad can help you create social media worthy interiors:

Pay Attention to Lighting:

While designing cafes, factors like ambience, lighting, and utensils are now becoming as imperative as aspects like interior design, style, cuisine and beverages. One of the ways could be by hanging traditional low lights and lamps, therefore allowing guests to click properly exposed pictures in the cafe. This trend is slowly moving towards the use of natural and amber coloured lights. These types of lights are used to avoid lens flare. While cafe lighting is custom built to create a snap worthy milieu, there is also arise in the trend of designing tailored light fixtures – more on the lines of creating a pièce de résistance


The patterned tile floor is amazing yet simple way to encourage millennials to click Instagram worthy pictures. There are cafés where almost every visitor is looking down for feet on floor pictures hence making it ideal if pictures of dishes are too basic for tastes.

Embrace the Millennial Pink:

Yes, you read it right Pink. It is the colour of the moment and no other colour has captured the millennial psyche as much as the pink colour, or rather a new shade of pink that is called, ‘the millennial pink’. Millennial Pink is everywhere from couches and clothing to art, design and even café interiors.

Going Green:

Café interior design companies in Delhi NCR are now catching upwith a global trend of minimalistic designing. And if there is one thing that can add vibrancy to this minimalistic theme, it is indeed incorporating some green plants in café’s décor. It not only enhances the Instagrammable moments but also helps people visiting the café to enjoy a better dining experience. This could be done by including hanging potted plants, using reclaimed wood in your interiors or creating living walls.

Kitschy Aesthetics:

An uphill task for café interior designers is to createinteriors that can be worthy for sharing on social media. From floor tiles and utensils to plants pots and patterned wallpapers, designers have covered almost everything. And that’s not enough! You can add kitschy elements like artworks, colourful neon signs or murals.

If you are looking for social media worthy interiors for your café, get in touch with Furbish Designer, the best café interior designer in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad. For free consultation visit http://www.furbishdesigner.com/ or Call Us at +91-9599221663


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