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How do colours affect the health of a person?

Do you feel restless in a dark coloured room? Does the white colour make you feel calm and relaxed? Interior designers have long asserted that the fact that colours can affect moods, feelings, and emotions. You require the Best Home Interior Designer in Delhi to transform your home interior ambiance into a pleasant and harmonious one.

Colours play an essential part in the wellbeing of a person and changing a person’s mood. Colours can evoke happiness, incite anger, or call to mind feelings of sadness. Even so, most people fail to understand the effects of colours in their homes or offices. The colours and interior design of our home and offices should reflect the people who live and work inside these spaces, and interior designers and homeowners should use colours sensibly to create a positive and harmonious ambience in each space. Let’s discuss the effects of colours in our lives and in interior design.

Before going into the details let’s first know what is colour? According to scientific explanation, colours can be understood as the way our eyes and mind identify various wavelengths of light reflected off an object. For example, the rainbow represents the chromatic spectrum of colours that human eye can see and identify like red, orange, indigo, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Now the question arises that, if these are known as colours, so, what about black and white?

While most people explain white as the absence of all colours and black as the presence of all colours, however, the scientific explanation to it is not the same. Science explains this as that any object appears to be white if it has a rough surface which reflects different wavelengths at about the same strength. On the other hand, black colour absorbs all wavelengths rather than reflecting them. Now the question arises that what about the colours we see?

There are three primary colours namely red, yellow and blue. These primary colours form the basis of all colours and by combining these colours, you can create every other colour. While colours like green, orange, and violet or purple are the secondary colours and are made by combining primary colours. Colours like blue/green, red/orange, yellow/green, etc. are known as tertiary colours and are formed by combining primary and secondary colours.

Furbish Designer being the best interior designer and colour consultant in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad understand the use of colours in homes, offices and any other spaces as it depends upon interior designer’s creativity, talent, and the perception that only comes from experience and knowledge. It is also important for an interior designer to get an understanding of colour psychology. Colour psychology plays a critical role when it comes to choosing colours for interior spaces by designers for different moods and different ambiences. Ideally, an interior designer should not commence working on designs without meticulous planning regarding which colours will suit the personality of its occupants. It is very significant that how colour will appeal to a viewer and its effects on the overall mood it creates.

Considering that different colours affect people in very different ways, depending on their gender, age, lifestyle, and demography, it is best to start by gathering some basic knowledge about the spaces and preference of the customer. What mood does customer prefer to evoke for their spaces? Just for an example, in a kitchen, they might prefer to increase positivity and energy, while in a living room they want a mood of calmness and peace. Another relevant information will be regarding the usage of lights. This information is important, because depending on the sources of light, colours may appear extremely different from the originals. It is always suggested to assess the colours in both natural and artificial lights prior to committing to any specific colour.

Colours play an important role in creating certain moods, and even influencing people’s decision making. Colour preferences also play a critical part in influencing the objects people choose to buy and the way they adorn their environments. Furbish Designer the best interior designer in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram and Ghaziabad has expertise in colour consultancy, get in touch with us for bespoke colour solution for your home, office, commercial spaces and retails spaces.

Colours can bring life to your home for which you need Best Home Interior Designer in Delhi to transform your home into a paradise where you feel secure and joyful.


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