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How Can You Give A Makeover To Your Home On This Raksha Bandhan?

Rakhi is a priceless bonding of love between sister and brother. We all know that siblings are the best gift of God. It’s the best gift that our parents can give us. This beautiful bond shared between brothers and sisters cannot be replaced with anything. On the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie a sacred thread known as Rakhi on the wrist of their brothers. This sacred thread actually symbolizes her love and prayers for the well-being of her beloved brother, accompanied by good health. In return, the brother promises to provide her protection for the entire life. Since this is one of the most auspicious occasions among the Hindus, it is celebrated with gifts, chocolates, and sweets.

Now, we all know that celebration means decorating our home to make it look charming and beautiful. So, in this post, we are going to discuss how we can decorate our home on this beautiful occasion without investing a fortune. When it comes to decorating the interiors, we always think that it will cost a lot. But, in reality, if you use your own creative thoughts, believe me, you will able to come up with extraordinary and astonishing interior decorations within your budget.

Twinkling or fairy lights

Colorful twinkling fairy lights or rice lights can be used to give an effective look to your home. Such lights are available in various colors and patterns. You can either use a single type or mix various available options to come up with something unique and creative this season. You can use these fairy lights to decorate the balcony or the entrance gate of your home.

Colorful cushions and drapes

As we all know that Raksha Bandhan is a very special festival among the Hindus, so you can add a mix of various colors in the form of cushion covers and drapes to match with the interiors of your home. The contrast color style is also widely preferable. If you are a creative person, you can experiment with various designs, patterns, and colors. Adding some fresh and colorful flowers to your home can give a beautiful look to the surrounding.


You can draw a beautiful Rangoli at the entryway of your sweet home. It is scientifically proven that drawing a Rangoli imparts a calm effect in the surrounding environment. This year you can make the Rangoli a little different. Instead of using multiple colors, you can try something unique like a beautiful and colorful Rangoli with varieties of flowers. It will definitely give a new look and make your entryway appears beautiful and bright. You can also make use of lights or handmade diyas at the center of the floral arrangement to add warmth and charm

Adding colors to brighten up the environment

Adding little bits of colors here and there can actually impart a beautiful look and feel to your home. You can use white, beige and cream combination or go for the bright colors like orange, green, red, blue and yellow. If possible, you can also paint the walls with the favorite colors of your dearest brother or use beautiful paintings and wall hangings to brighten up the place.

Home decor does not always need to be expensive. You do not have to hire a professional interior decorator to add a beautiful festive look and feel to your home all the time. You can use your own thinking cap to come up something new and unique. Creative ideas can be easily collected from various websites and then you can add your own spice to bring out something out-of-the-box. You can select basic things that actually speak about celebration like flowers, lights wind chimes etc. So, this season adds the tinge of glamour and sophistication to become the talk of the town!


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