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How can green buildings change the way we live?

Nowadays, you hear everyone talking about Going Green and becoming environmentally conscious. Whether you want to accept it or not, but sooner or later, everyone will become a part of this going green movement. The world over, a trend is emerging that Green Buildings are the future of sustainable development that brings various benefits. Green Buildings brings the most effective means to address and achieve a wide range of goals that affect us as individuals and as a society, goals such as addressing climate change and its effects on our health, creating sustainable communities, and driving economic growth. In the light of these benefits, and facilitating emerging evidence-based trend for proving them, is at the heart of what Furbish Designer do as an interior design studio. But what exactly are Green Buildings? Let us discuss what green buildings are, why you should consider green building, and what benefits a green building provide.


In laymen language, it is an environmentally conscious construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings. Whether you are constructing a new building or retrofitting or renovating an existing structure, there are various ways to implement environmentally friendly building practices. When it comes to Green Buildings or eco-friendly buildings, the savings generated in terms of improved air quality, energy consumption, water consumption, annual maintenance and operations, and its combined effect on the health and wellbeing of residents of that building, can offer you both the short and long-term returns on investment.


Furbish Designer’s mantra of “going green” is“reduce, reuse, and recycle”. This can help you simplify and facilitate the construction or renovation of environmentally sustainable or green building in many ways. Here are some of the merits of green building:

Improved Indoor Air Quality: Green building helps to breathe easy by providing fresh air indoors. Improved indoor air quality helps to bring refreshing breaths of oxygen to you and your family, employees, as well as elderly or sick members through upholding our mantra of separate, ventilate and filtrate while the outdoor air quality continues to deteriorate.


Water Conservation and Energy Efficiency: Optimizing the use of energy and water resources will not only help in decreasing the use of natural resources but will also reduce electricity and water bills.


Reduced Carbon Footprint: Eco-friendly buildings or Green buildings also helps in reducing the carbon footprints by keeping your building as well as the environment clean and green by producing less carbon output, waste and significantly reducing the release of harmful gasses into the atmosphere.


Increased Property Values: Green buildings are in demand for their sustainable components that not only lowers maintenance costs and but also increased the property value because of the advantages mentioned above, hence, keeping those living within it smiling, guilt-free, and healthy.


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