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Give a makeover to your room within your budget – Some exclusive tips just for you!

I guess the same design and style of the interiors have certainly bored you. And so, you have landed here to find some valuable interior makeover tips within budget.


When you hear the word room makeover, what is the very first thing that hits your mind? If I am not wrong, certainly you must be wondering about the expenses involved. Of course, the budget is something we need to think about because there are several elements that you need to buy to add a glamorous and luxurious look to your existing home. But the best part is that this is not always necessary. You can even give a new look and feel to your home within a strict budget. In this post, we are going to discuss some low-budget room makeover tips, which will be not only light on your pocket but also add a feeling of luxury and elegance to your home.


Let’s start with the living room decoration, which is the most used area of the house and need frequent changes to avoid monotony.


Living room – Reflects your personality


  • Experiment with the wall color


Change the color of the walls and paint it in creamy-tone to give it a rich luxurious look. You need to be experimental with the color used to create a natural atmosphere in the living room area. You can also create unique and balanced ambiance in a bright color and accompanied it with lampshades and other wall decors in neutral tones.


  • Indoor plants


You can add greenery into your entire home decoration concept with indoor plants. If you have open spaces, you can also go for flowering plants as well. The simple addition of greenery can impart a subtle and amazing change in your interiors. Fake plants and creepers are also available in the market. But personally, I feel that fresh plants have their own charm and beauty. Still, if you cannot manage to keep green plants due to some reasons, purchase the artificial ones that resemble the original plants.


  • Wall mirrors


Adding wall mirrors can actually make your living room space appear double than its original size. It creates an instantaneous illusion of extended floor space and quite affordable in comparison to other ways of room makeover concepts. Various types of wall mirrors are available. An interior designer can guide you to purchase the best one that fits the decoration.


Kitchen space – The hub of your home


The kitchen can be said as the hub of your home. There are many people who avoid highlighting the kitchen space because they don’t think it to be worthwhile. But practically speaking, when you consider the overall makeover of your home, your kitchen space is also included. It will not cost you a fortune to decorate the kitchen space. Simply rearranging the kitchen furniture or adding some new storage solutions can do the wonder. You can also put up beautiful decorative vinyl stickers on the kitchen walls. Experiment the available kitchen makeover concepts to come up with decorative plans at budget-friendly prices.


Similarly, you can add some storage solutions to make things look organized. New products keep on launching every other day. After a certain time, you should consider changing the cabinets, faucet, counter top, etc. It is advisable to change the wall paint at least once in two years because the grease and smoke elimination can tarnish the look of the walls. You can simply paint it yourself with the DIY painting tools available easily in the market. It will also save the cost of hiring a professional painter.


Bedroom – The heaven on Earth


How can we miss the most important place of your home? The bedroom is one such place where you retire at the end of the day to get some peace and solace. The bedroom should be given the foremost importance. Now the question is how you can give it a subtle change within your budget.


  • Change the curtains and put a rug on the floor


Adding drugs can actually make the space look visually larger than its size. You must be unaware of the fact that the bigger drug you put down, the most spacious the room will appear. This simple addition will create an edgy and contemporary look as well as add a casual note to the interior decor.


  • Add indoor plant for air purification


This is one of the easiest ways to give a lively look to your bedroom. Air purification is essential, especially in enclosed areas. With the addition of greenery to the bedroom, you can circulate the flow of oxygen. Potted indoor plants can add aesthetic appeal at its best.


  • Add wall art and DIY artworks


You can add decorative made from natural raw materials like wooden figurines, shells, scented beeswax candles, etc. These can certainly add a natural look and feel to your bedroom. You can create a cozy environment and add a sense of warmth with organic decorative items.


  • Experiment with pillows


You can design new pillows and cushions yourself and avoid purchasing from the stores. This adds a personalized feel to the room. You can use your favorite fabric to design the soft comfortable pillows, bolster and cushions. Just imagine how interesting it would be!


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