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Five Things that Perk up Your Pooja Ghar Interiors

When you have landed on this website, then I am pretty sure that you have a Pooja ghar in your home. Nowadays, apartments and bungalows are constructed without any Pooja room. There was a time when the Pooja ghar used to be the most important part of a home. But nowadays, you will hardly see people with spiritual consciousness. When you have a Pooja ghar in your home, then make sure that you do everything you can to make it the best part of your entire residence. In this post, I am going to discuss five such ideas that can help you to perk up your Pooja Ghar. Trust me, it would have never been better without the following tips and your guests will just not able to stop themselves from praising you.



As we all know that the color of a room plays an important role in bringing out the ambiance of that place. When it comes to the Pooja room, then it should be painted in mellow and calm colors like yellow, white as well as pale pastel shades like green and blue. Generally, these colors do not prefer to interfere with the soothing atmosphere of the room and also keep the senses tranquil during prayers.


Windows and doors

Double shutter solid wood should be preferred for windows and doors in a Pooja Ghar. You have a variety of options to choose from. You can even get them customized from your favorite artisan or shop online for the best options. Moreover, wooden doors are an evergreen option for decoration and they pair well with all kinds of interior decorations. You can also get the ethnic Indian look and feel with wooden doors and windows.



This is the major part where you need to show your creativity. It’s really fabulous if you have a separate room for pooja. But due to lack of space, you will not get this option in most of the residential complexes. In that case, you can designate a specific corner in your home for your pooja and prayers. You can place a small Mandir, customized according to the available space. Make sure to place it on the pedestal at a certain level from the ground. This will enable you to have a look at the idol while praying. If the roof is designed in a pyramid or dome shape, then it’s an ideal choice because it channels good and positive energies towards the room and also aids in meditation.


Lighting elegance

Traditionally, candles and diyas were used to light up the Pooja room. But nowadays, cleaner and safer options like fairy lights and cover lights have taken over. You can use soft color lights that can be easily deemed as per the settings. These beautiful colored lamps can add a vibrant look to your pooja room. But personally, I believe that traditional diyas and candles are the best options. They bring a divine glow and give a completely different feel in the Pooja Ghar.


Lastly, your pooja Ghar interior should define your personality. Of course, you must have heard that the way you decorate your living room and bedroom show your personality. But I personally believe that our Pooja room is something which shows the person we are. It is one such place of purity and calmness, which is just second to none – a place where you actually come in touch with your soul – the purest place where you seek the presence of God. You can add Rangoli, talking bells and torans to usher prosperity and positively in the ambiance. Decorate with care and love. Simplicity is always the best. So keep everything to minimal. These were our interior design tips to accentuate your Pooja Ghar.


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