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Environment friendly interiors is the new trend to hit the industury

The “Environment-friendly” or “Eco-friendly” are the terms that are generally associated with the preference for nature or environmentally conducive products or lifestyle and habits. The home and office also fall into these categories, how can anyone really be eco-friendly if their home and office are brimming with toxic chemicals and creating an enormous carbon footprint. Organic interiors are in trend these days and are expanding in terms of popularity.

Organic means anything that is made from natural materials. Organic Interiors is an emerging interior designing trend that is catching up the imagination and creativity of interior designers/ decorators along with environmentally conscious home buyers. Organic interior design makes green living a style statement. Completely organic interiors meet the requirements of eco-conscious and stylised living. As Organic Interiors is an emerging trend, rapid innovations are taking place in this field in creating newer dimensions and eco-sensitive concepts. It proves helpful for the environment and also helps in making the best use of the available natural resources.

An organic interior design blends the clear lines of modern interior design concepts with the warmth and ease of organic and natural elements, creating a peaceful and tranquil living or workspace. Organic interiors celebrate organic shapes. The concept of organic interiors is an all-encompassing concept. While designing organic interior special attention is given to improving indoor air quality, conservation of energy, resource conservation, and the use of eco-friendly materials and products. It also focuses on 3C’s i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, anything that is related to organic interiors.

Just to include organic materials at home, you do not have to sacrifice personal style and comfort. Materials like recycled wood and stone are organic are enough. Nowadays most of the major paint, wall covering and fabric materials manufacturers are offering products that are made from renewable, low volatile organic compounds and low toxicity materials.

Eco-friendly materials that can be used for organic interiors:

Organic flooring: Stone flooring, wood flooring, and organic wool carpeting.
Organic clothing: Materials like organic cotton, wool, linen, and bamboo clothing are becoming very popular.
Organic mattress: Organic cotton or wool. These mattresses are fire safe and free from chemicals.
Organic paints: Organic Paints reduces the number of toxic inhalants. Organic paints are toxin-free as they are made up of bases of milk protein, lime, or soy.
Organic bedding: Toxin-free and luxurious bed dressings are available in wide ranges in the market.
Indoor Plants: This is the most common and easiest idea that can go a really long way. Lots of people love plants and flowers without even being aware of how helpful they are for their mental and physical health. By adding indoor plants to interior decor, you can bring the atmosphere in every room of your home to a whole new level.

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