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Colours That Will Trending 2020

It is that time of the year when colours that will be Trending in 2020 are announced and it is also a good time for those who are planning to do their home renovation or interiors done in the coming year, to get inspiration for the colour palette to make their home trendy.

Pan tone Center has announced ‘The Classic Blue’ as the trending colour for the year 2020.

The colour ‘Classic Blue’, as the name implies itself, is a timeless classic that will never go out of style. And it is another great reason to consider the choice of this colour in your interior design and decor to keep it a stylish longer period of time.As termed by Pan tone Center as restless colour bringing calmness and sense of tranquility and warmth, we as the best interior designer in Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad see Classic Blue colour used in all spaces of the home. This colour enhances the appeal of classic or traditional style furniture and home décor items like cushions and pillows.

Apart from the classic blue, there are other substitutes if you are not keen to choose the trending colour of the year.

Other variation of Blue ‘Chinese Porcelain’ colour trending in 2020, is cobalt fused with moody ink blue for comfort and tranquility. While ‘Classic Blue’ is more solid, this colour is more playful.

Tranquil Down

Tranquil Down is the hue between green grey and blue. Neutral and adaptable such colour can be used as the main base for earthy colours interior. This is an exciting colour, which can be a great alternative to a boring grey colour to make the interior more earthy and original.

First Light

Soft fresh rosy hue. Striking a perfect blend between neutral warmth and coolness, this colour suits not only for a girl and kids bedroom but can look extremely sophisticated in modern interior design. This combination also looks exceptional with white marble.

Back to Nature

This colour is calm, compassionate and well balanced. Reinvigorating green colour entirely matches with brown and other earthy colours. As wall painted with Back to Nature would look great in style and substance.

All these trending colours create a natural ambiance to soothe and relax our consciousness from a massive overload of information that we are facing in this digital age and it is a well-known fact that colours can affect our state of mind, mood and feelings.

These are few ideas of colour which will come handy whether you are thinking about interior design for your new home or planning to renovate your existing home with a new fresh look by painting the walls or changing home decorations. We as the top home interior designer in Delhi NCR provide free consultation for all kinds of interior design and décor requirements.

All the yearly trends are the predictions that you might want to use as an inspiration for designing and décor, however, it is always suggested to consult with an interior designer on how to make your dream home stylish.

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