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A Glimpse Of Interior Design Trends In 2018 That Will Revamp Your Home

Till now 2018 has been all about royal patterns, chair, sage colour, wood carvings, statutes, accented furniture and vintage oil lamps. The remaining year will invite the years gone by. The brilliant craftsmanship will prevail again. These are some trends which we think will sweep away the rest of 2018.

The focal point of your living space is often striking accentuated furniture. Chic chairs with imperial prints can stand as the royal throne of your living area. Bring in that chair and do use a pastel coloured rug to emphasize the chair. Do not forget to pair the chair with a side table that houses a lamp some books and a décor piece.

The judicious use of golden accent in furniture shutters, legs and handles can lift up the mood and change a boring piece of furniture into an eye-catching master piece.

To radiateelusiveaffluence through your interior décor, choose gemstone accents and cloth embellished mirrors.

Green sage colour seems to have taken centre stage and is being used practically on walls, rugs, floors, décor etc. So, do use this colour anyway possible to be upbeat with the ongoing trends.

Carved wood, wooden doors and wood accents on the ceiling are in vogue. Moreover, using vintage furniture with today’s retro furniture is a good move. You can also pair these furniture items with vintage electronics like Marshall Speakers etc.

Kitchen needs to open and should house essential appliances. A great addition would be automatic coffee machines. These look great and prepare decent coffee as well. You should be able to capture the attention of the onlooker with these small additions to your kitchen. Do not forget to garnish small spaces with live plants in your kitchen. These plants bring a breath of fresh air to the kitchen mood both practically and figuratively.

Amazingly, but books still have a weird connection with interior décor. You just can’t separate a living space from books. A small space to store in a few books can do wonders to any interior décor. You just have to find the right storage shelve. Embellish these shelves with crystal statues, small wooden works, vintage sculptures and more to give the space a retro look.

Lighting is also playing a big role in 2018. The big oil lamps are back in fashion and so are the hanging Mughal lamps. You can mix and match your living space with these lamps and also introduce floor lamps in a corner to complete the look.

These were some of the interior design trends that we think will be in vogue in the latter half of 2018. Do leave your comments and let us know if you are aware of any other trends!


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