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5 unique colours for a fantastic bathroom facelift

Bathrooms are very essential and personal space in a home. This is a space of house which is perfect to play with colors that can endure the continuous splashes of water. The selection of colors can help to strike a perfect balance between the design and the finished space. While choosing the right colors, always keep the style of your bathroom in mind, that is, whether your bathroom has a sleek and contemporary design with a tub and vanity, or is it designed in the traditional way with moldings?

Once you have sorted out, it is a bit easier to pick a perfect color. Furbish Designer is the best interior designer in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, and Ghaziabad will not only help in conceptualizing and designing of this space but also picking up the perfect colors for it. Here are some of our favorite bathroom colors of the moment to help you get inspired!


Light or Soft Grey color is in trend for the bathroom as it is for the other spaces of the house. The soft, light, shade of grey looks amazing with white bathtubs and basins and can accentuate the marble flooring or tiles. Grey color paint is the best way to keep things neutral. For an elegant classic bathroom, go with uncomplicated neutral accents. For more lively options, accent with pops of color in bathroom accessories, like a colorfully patterned shower curtain or bright towels.


A neat, crisp white bathroom is the ultimate in a classic style that never goes out of fashion. White walls are the simplest concept, at the same time, it looks quite refreshing and sophisticated. Experiment with various different shapes of stones and tiles on the floor and in the shower, with white paint on the walls. If you think that simple top to bottom white is a bit too much, try different types of lighting accessories.


The shades of blue are not only gorgeous but can help you feel relaxed when you are surrounded by its hues. Using light blue as a color of the bathroom creates a spa-like ambiance. It is the perfect match with white marble or tiles and white accessories, creating a palette inspired by a brilliant blue sky with white clouds. For a slightly more subtle version of it, try this shade of blue with more of a grey base.


When you choose a green color for your bathroom, it gives a feeling of living amidst nature. Green is a very unique and soothing color that helps to give a serene effect. Shades of green mixes well with other earthy colors, like brown, sand and taupe. A few modifications of this color that you can consider are a dusty jade for an earthier feel or mint for a little more fun and brightness.


This shade of green is a bit livelier than the earlier mentioned light green. This shade of green is all about a burst of energy to your bathroom. Pistachio green perfectly pairs with bright crisp white accents to form a classic and elegant bathroom. You can tone it down a bit, by combining it with browns and natural woods for an earthier vibe.



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