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5 Simple Tips To Abridge Vastu For Your Home

You may ask, why vastu is important? I have no faith in vastu, so why should I look for vastu compatible property. If you have to explain vastu in a the simplest term, it is the science of directions that congregates all the five elements of nature and balances with materials and man. It is a way old practise that has been going on which brings harmony and channelizes energy around you.

Think about it, you might not be into vastu, but if it increases the worth of the property whether you rent it or resell, there is a possibility that the buyer might be a believer, why not give him that benefit?

Vastu is considered to be extremely intricate, due to which people don’t seem to show much interest in it and hence don’t know much about it.
These are few aspects that will answer most of your questions about vastu and give you a clear idea about it..

1. What is all the fuss about the direction of the entrance? Does it really matter a lot?
The entrance to the house is considered to be the most important aspect for numerous reasons. Firstly, it sets the tone for your house as people get first impressions after coming through the entrance. According to vastu the entrance to your home should be the place from where positive energy drifts in the house. Keeping this main aspect in mind it is advisable if the entry to the home is from East, North and North East.

2. Why give weightage to square/rectangular forms
Vastu strongly suggests that spaces be square or rectangular in share because it signifies safety and stability. Hence the rooms which are square or rectangular in shape are mostly preferred. Anyhow circular rooms are not even practical and are a waste of space.

3. How much impact does walls have on vastu
According to the vastu have your major walls painted in lighter shades, as they promote harmony and relaxation. For obvious reasons if you paint your walls red you are going to experience tension when it is dark.
Our house is our safe haven, it is a place to stay at peace, hence dark colours should be avoided.

4. What does vastu say about how the rooms should be designed
According to vastu ,your bathroom should be placed on the East, the kitchen in the Southeast or Northwest side. It is advised to place fire elements on the southeast side. The master bedroom is preferred to be in the South/Southwest direction with dining room being on the West direction.

5. Some miscellaneous aspects of vastu
– The North side of your home should not be blocked in any way
– All the doors in the house should open inside, it suggest being welcoming
– There should be no noise in the door hinges

Hope this answers your questions about vastu.

So should vastu be implemented in apartments constructed today?

If you are constructing your very own home it doesn’t harm to follow what vastu says, even if you implement half of them, you can be assured that you and your family safe and secure.


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