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5 easy decor ideas for Independence Day

Independence day is almost upon us, have you decorated your home with tri color to express your patriotism? If not then don’t worry, we have some simple ideas to decorate your home this Independence Day.

The best thing about these décor ideas is that they are easy to incorporate. So you can decorate your home with minimum effort. If you want to bring the essence of Independence Day into your home decor, try these simple ideas for this Independence Day. These decor items can help decorate the home for the occasion with minimum effort. You do not need to spend much time on it for organizing and then removing them later on. You can use flags too traditionally for decorating the house and bring the feeling of freedom!
Here are 5 easy decor ideas for Independence Day decorations:

1. Bed Sheet

A unique idea to decorate your home this Independence Day is to decorate your bedroom with tri-color,  what you can do is decorate your bed room with bright and tricolor print bed sheet, if you can find a floral printed tri color bed sheet then there is nothing like it. If you can find pillows and some cushions in orange, white and green color it will add to the decor.

2. Crockery

How about decorating your dining table with traditional tricolor? It is an easy way to decorate your dining room this Independence Day. You can easily find Indian tri-color plates, mugs, and other crockery.

3. Cushions

The best and affordable way to decorate your living room is to get your hands on some colorful cushion covers. Some blue, green, white and orange cushion can add a spark to your living room.

4. Lanterns

Colorful lanterns can brighten up your home like no other whether it is day or night. Hanging a lantern always looks very subtle and adds a certain oomph to your decor.

5. Plants

Green plants are the best idea to keep in your home if you don’t have any already. Rather than being a decoration, it will serve as a good deed done this Independence Day.

We hope you like our ideas to decorate your home this Independence Day with these simple yet effective ideas.


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