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4 Vastu Tips To Prepare Your Home For Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon when the earth comes between the moon and the sun. In such a scenario, the moon will be completely engulfed by the shadow of the earth. While millions of people eagerly wait to watch this remarkable celestial sight, many Vastu experts warn of some doshas which will happen as a result of this eclipse. Let us look at how to free our homes of these doshas with the help of Vastu, the ancient Indian science, and art of architecture.

  1. Protect the entrance.

Place Geru (red ochre) stones or sprinkle some geru powder on the doors or windows near the house entrance. You can also draw a Swastik or any religious symbol with the powder outside the main door. This powder is made of Iron oxide and is believed to block all the harmful radiations of the eclipse from entering the house.

  1. Secure the kitchen

The radioactive waves emanating during the eclipse can inflict the food we consume. Lock all the food grain or dry items in the Kitchen. Keep some Darba or Kusha grass or Tulsi leaves inside the cabinets where the edible items are stored or place them over the food containers. It is better to keep the kitchen closed and avoid cooking food during the eclipse.

  1. Locking the door of the temple room

Never leave the door to your temple open.If you have a room with the idols and images of Gods, keep the entrance latched until the end of the Sutak phase.

  1. Do away with the clutter 

Cleanliness is a way to positivity, try to do way with the clutter as much as you can. Make sure your home is well dusted and everything is neatly kept. A clean home reflects positive energy.

You can follow these tips to make sure that positive energy is spread across your home during this lunar eclipse.


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