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4 Creative Home Decor ideas that will trend in 2019

Every year new trends hit the fashion industry and exclusive beauty hacks take over the old tricks. Similarly, you can also apply the same idea for your home decor. Certainly, it is not possible to buy branded new furniture every season; still, you can introduce the latest trends into the existing home décor to gel beautifully. Let’s discuss the 4 revolutionary trending ideas for home decoration in 2019.

High-gloss paint

High gloss paint actually brings out a bold and beautiful look. But, at the time of application make sure to treat it just like your makeup. You can invest in quality brushes and ensure that the application surface is primed properly and completely dust free. After all, the glossy finish trend is not susceptible in forgiving the flaws. Using the high gloss paint on the interior work can give a bold designer jewelry box effect in the home. You can go for the single color painting style, where, you use one color to paint the whole room, including the doors and moldings.

Introduce the gallery style

As we all know that artwork is reaching new heights and highly popular for home decoration. There are no golden rules applicable for hanging artwork in your home. Starting from lithographs, photography to original painting – the entire trick simply lies in framing them in the right angle and hanging them tactfully in groups to give a gallery style look. Putting pictures together to give that explicit gallery look can definitely take some time. You can opt for the exclusive huge gallery look with exceptional pictures customized personally or purchase pre-framed prints for readymade gallery style.

Moody Blues

Is the color palette in your pretty home is feeling a bit boring and blah? Give a lively spirit to your home with the bright blue rug or consider painting the ceiling with a lighter shade of blue. You can impart the moody blue hues in your entire complex to add interest without any feeling of being overpowering. From the aspect of today’s on-trend color palette of black and white or neutrals, the hues of blue stands as the ‘wow’ factor. They blend outstandingly when combined with bronze and brass finishes.

 Terrazzo textures

Okay, every time it is not possible for you to renovate the bathroom and kitchen. Also, there is a good chance that your landlord is not up to the trend – oh, not to worry! Terrazzo accents are available in the form of candle holders, mugs, tables, and even area rugs. This beautiful texture reminds us of the Funfetti cakes, isn’t it?

The list of home décor trends for 2019 does not end here. You can stay in tune with one of the Best Home Interior Designer in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad for more interesting tips and tricks on home decoration.


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