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Kitchen Design Tips

4 Latest Kitchen Design Tips You Should Incorporate To Make Cooking A Pleasant Experience

When you are planning to buy a home, thinking of designing the kitchen in the best possible way is an integral part as having a designer kitchen has become a kind of style statement.  Out of all the rooms and spaces kitchen matters the most as your experience of your kitchen is based on how easily you can navigate around while cooking and cleaning. A well thought after professional design increases movement and minimizes the need for reaching out for get some stuff. All in all a well though after design helps save you time and energy.

Keeping these things in mind here are 5 trending kitchen design tips for you which you can easily incorporate in your kitchen:

1. The kitchen working space triangle-
If you observe closely the most important spaces in your kitchen are the stove, the sink and the refrigerator which you have to access frequently. Cleaning and cooking can easily become a tedious task if you need to go back and forth in a poorly designed layout. A well thought after design will enable you to move around freely and easily between the three for a joyous experience every time you cook.

2. Make smart storage spaces-
The biggest mistake people commit it they don’t leave enough space for storage. Utilizing the space in smart way is the latest trend. Consider having overhead cabinets right up to the ceiling to increase storage and leaving no space on top doesn’t invite dust to collect which becomes a project to clean. While designing have deep drawers for easier access for pans and utensils and give enough space for appliances which might clutter up the station otherwise.

3. Lighting is the key-
Unlike other rooms in the house overhead lighting is not enough to get the job done. In the kitchen it is not advisable to have light behind you which casts a shadow in front of you in the counter hampering your work in the process as it gets difficult to see. What is trending nowadays is to have lights positioned in front of you in the form of under-cabinet lights as they shine directly on the counter making it easier for you to work and avoiding any injury while cooking.

4. Power everywhere

As technology is becoming advanced day by day we are being dependent on more and more appliances to make our work easier also saving time in the process. But all this needs appropriate power sources, gas lines and electric lines. If power sources and electrical lines are not designed smartly in advance you might land up in trouble later on.

See the possibilities for your kitchen and try to implement these tips, share them with the professionals and make your kitchen design a grand success.


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